About Me

My name is Claire Gallaher


I help people feel more comfortable and fulfilled in their mind, body, and life. I like to see people stretch their minds in a way that they can experience new possibilities. I have been working with clients for over 7 years to help shine a light of possibility to help them take back control over their own lives.

I’ve worked with disadvantaged youth in the community sector assisting with housing and education issues. In 2012 I met my external supervisor Su which is where I first came into contact with therapies that specialized in targeting the subconscious mind such as Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistics Programming.

Very quickly I was drawn to these therapies which soon became something that changed my life.

At first this type of therapy felt a bit strange however I soon felt a sense of relief and focus that I hadn’t felt before. My time with Su taught me a different way of thinking and feeling that allowed me to live the life I wanted to be living and I was finally being true to myself.

I had to learn more and eventually enrolled to become an NLP Practitioner and then went on to study Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I’ve spent the past four years working as part of a Community Mental Health Recovery team assisting disadvantaged people to meet their goals in the face of having a mental health diagnoses. These goals also include quit smoking support, studies have shown even people with a mental health diagnoses want to quit just as much as anybody else and CAN!    

I specialise in the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Timeline Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

I combine my love for subconscious work with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy which is a practical therapy teaching us how to sit with uncomfortable feelings using mindfulness practises. In 2014 I trained with Dr Russ Harris one of the guru’s in ACT which has helped shape the way I work with clients and even managing my own personal life stresses.

Outside of my professional life I have two beautiful dogs (Ted and Milly) who get walked daily, if Melbourne weather allows! I enjoy the sun and going for road trips with good music and good company.

My practice is based in Melbourne's South Eastern suburb of Wantirna South.