Hypnotherapy enables us to access the subconscious mind which is where 90% of our information and memories are stored. This assists us in addressing the root cause of what's holding us back. 


To access the subconscious mind it’s helpful to be in a trance state, which is a naturally occurring state of mind. People naturally fall in and out of trance states every day, for example have you ever found yourself day dreaming into the distance or completely wrapped up in a movie that you forgot what was around you? This is called a trance state.


Hypnotherapy is conducted in a trance state and is similar to a guided day dream and you are in complete control the whole time. The subconscious mind will present information that is ready to be addressed and anything else will remain stored until it is ready to be brought to the surface for processing. Mixing counselling and hypnotherapy helps enhance changes.


Part of the counselling process will include keeping you up to speed on what to expect from Hypnotherapy and answering any questions you may have.