Lose Weight


During our sessions, we cover the following weight loss areas:

  • Functional exploration around overeating

  • Compulsive/emotional eating including finding out trigger points

  • Motivation to make changes to your lifestyle to help aid weight loss

  • Your beliefs towards food, self-esteem and coping mechanisms

  • Steps to improve your overall physical and mental health


WHO this program is for


This is for anybody struggling with their health goals including weight loss whether you’re carrying a couple of extra kilo’s, wanting to get more fit or need to lose weight for health reasons.

NOTE: If you’re currently taking prescription medication, please seek advice from your medical practitioner as to the suitability of this type of treatment. Please feel free to call me before speaking to your doctor if you wish to gain more information.


NOTE: This is to support your weight loss journey and should be part of a broader plan which includes nutrition and exercise advice. This does not replace the advice of a medical practitioner.


WHAT to expect


  • During your initial assessment we will assess different areas of life and together we will create a treatment plan that will change as you progress through your sessions

  • Sessions are developed and tailored to you which involve Counselling and Hypnotherapy (you will not be weighed and this is not about dieting)

  • We will get specific on what’s holding you back, focus on shifting unhelpful belief systems and address barriers preventing you from living the life you want to be living

  • Some people find that one session is enough and others require more. Everybody has different reasons for their eating habits which is why the amount of sessions vary

  • Some of the tools that I typically use are Hypnotherapy, NLP, Timeline Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy