Motivation, procrastination and self-sabotage

During our sessions we will uncover what’s behind your self-sabotage

  • I can help you to move towards your goals including locking goals into your future timeline

  • Break old habits that may be holding you back, including going back to life events causing emotional blockages

  • Explore un-helpful thinking which is affecting your behaviours, emotions and goals

  • Link you with your passions and aspirations by getting specific on what you want  

  • Reconnect you with your values so you can be living the life you want to be


WHO this program is for


Whether you refer to it as self-defeating behaviour or standing in your own way, self-sabotage can interfere with the best-laid plans and goals. People struggle with motivation, procrastination or self-sabotage for many different reasons. During our sessions, we will explore what’s actually holding you back and give you the opportunity to release unhelpful thinking and behavioural patterns which aren’t serving you anymore.


WHAT to expect


  • During your initial assessment we will assess different areas of life and together we will create plans to achieve your goals each step of the way

  • Goals are reviewed and adjusted as you progress with any barriers that arise to be explored and embraced together 

  • We will get specific on what’s holding you back, focus on shifting unhelpful belief systems and address barriers preventing you from living the life you want to be living

  • Some people find that one session is enough and others require more. Goals vary in complexities which is why sessions vary from person to person

  • Sessions are developed and tailored to you which involve Counselling and Hypnotherapy

  • Some of the tools that I typically use are Hypnotherapy, NLP, Timeline Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy